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Pride Arts Center Sponsors 2017 - 18


P Shoe 1.jpgYour sponsorship enables us to develop the Pride Arts Center as a safe haven for audiences and artists to gather for the most important stories of our day. Your support will be recognized throughout all the 2017 - 18 Seasoon.

There are three kinds of sponsorship: Community, Champion, and National. Comunity Sponsorships run from $25 to $100. Champion Sponsors are $250 to $1000.  National Sponsors are $5,000 to $10,000 and provide the most exposure for the year.

Champion Sponsorships - Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors ($1,000, $500, or $250) will have:

  • Your logo included in the 5,500 programs we print throughout the season.

  • Your logo included twice a month in our email blasts (72,000 impressions)

  • Your logo on the sponsor page of

  • Your logo on the Wall of Fame in the theater lobby for 2017.

  • Each Champion Sponsor will be recognized with a Facebook and Twitter post that links to your website when they join our team!

Community Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, and Friends ($100, $50, or $25) will receive

  • Listing recognition in the 5,000 programs we print throughout the year

  • Listing recognition in monthly email blasts to our audiences (36,000 impressions)

  • Listing recognition on the Sponsor page of our website.

  • Listing recognition on our Wall of Fame in the theater lobby for 2017.

National Sponsors ($10,000) and Co-Sponsors ($5,000) receive the most recognition we can provide, including all of the benefits above, plus inclusion of your logo on our Title Pages in the 5000 programs we print throughout the year. National Sponsors and Co-Sponsors are also included in our press releases for each show, and can be mentioned from the stage on our sponsor nights. To begin a sponsorship of this level, please contact PFP Executive Director David Zak -

Sponsorships can be paid now, or a pledge can be made for payment in January 2018.

Please note that sponsorships are NOT tax-deductible. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please visit our donor page here.



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I paying with credit card, enter the payment information below. If paying with check, print this page and send it to the address below. If pledging to pay in January, print this page and send it to the address below.