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We need to share the responsibility for our communal Jewish education to the entire Jewish community. That is why we, as a community, should embrace the Politz Pillars campaign. The concept is simple. Every month, you schedule a monthly contribution to Politz. You can do it through your bank. You can do it as a recurring credit card payment. Whatever way you do it, the idea is that, to whatever extent you are able, you will help Politz cover the cost of educating our community’s Jewish children each month.

If you love the Cherry Hill Jewish community and want to see it grow in the present and last into the future, we need you to join us. For some people that kind of recurring donation that you can set and forget might be $36 a month. For some it might be $180, or even $1,000. If 200 people give an average of $100 a month, that would provide almost $250,000 annually. Whatever the number, when we have all committed to supporting local Jewish education, we will be on our way to making day school education more sustainable and building a more authentic model of how a Jewish community that cares about its children and its future operates.


To learn more about philanthropic opportunities, please contact Kristen Head, Executive Director, at or 856-667-1013.

Contributions made to Politz Day School of Cherry Hill are tax deductible. Politz is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
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