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Earn-a-Bike Program Application

Applications are accepted on a roling basis.

Please provide honest answers to the questions below, and only apply if you are able and willing to complete the program.

If you are unable to complete the program requirements, our Change a Tire, Change a Life free bike program may be a better fit. You can find out if you qualify and how to get a bike here.

We will contact you via your preferred contact method to arrange a brief phone or in-person interview if you meet the program requirements. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND TEXT MESSAGES.


Participants will be required to complete 15 hours of work or more, depending on the bike chosen. These hours will be a combination of volunteering and specific classes on bike mechanics/repair and safe riding skills. 

Participants are responsible for tracking their hours using a log sheet stored at SCB. You must be located in the Charleston, SC area to participate in this program, as it takes place at our shop located at 3310 Rivers Ave, North Charleston SC 29405. 

Time commitment per individual: minimum of 15 hours total 

  • 1 hour - Fix-A-Flat/Basic Mechanics Class - every 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month
  • 5 hours - Intro Volunteering (processing tubes, cleaning, organizing)
  • 3 hours - Intermediate Volunteering (cruisers/single speeds and/or youth bikes)
  • 2 hours – Advanced Volunteering (geared bikes or any bikes requiring more complex repairs)
  • 3+ hours - Working On Your Own Bike (with mechanic assistance)

For now, volunteer hours can be completed anytime we are open, but the participant must arrive at least 2 hours before we close. Advance notice is appreciated.

*For individuals not interested in intermediate and advanced mechanical bike skills, 5 hours of volunteering can be completed at another nonprofit organization with prior approval.

Participants will receive a u-lock, a waterproof rechargeable light set, and a helmet (if available) upon completion of program.

Additional volunteer hours can be completed to earn shop credit towards bikes valued over $150 or to purchase specialty parts and accessories. (1 hour = $10)

All applicant information and answers provided below are confidential.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Contact Information

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Personal Information

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An answer is required (3 sentences or more, please). Please be as detailed as possible, as this info will help us determine which applicants to select for the program.
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Please select one. Your response will not impact whether or not you are admitted to the program.
Scroll back up to re-read the requirements. Please understand that if you are admitted to the program and then fail to complete the requirements, you will not receive a bike or any store credit for any volunteer hours completed. You also may not be eligible for future programs.

Do you require mobility accommodations? Are you unable to stand for long periods of time? Do you have trouble paying attention, following directions, or reading/writing? Any other info about you that will help us make you feel comfortable and safe is appreciated!