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The Show Must Go On!

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We are asking for your help, as one of our incredible supporters. For the past 15 years, Virginia Children's Theatre has been your professional theatre solely dedicated to youth, schools and their families. We’ve mounted over 60 fully-staged productions featuring over 1,500 area youth and professional actors. We have shared live theatre experiences with audiences of all ages in the Roanoke region and all around Virginia. We’ve offered year-round classes and camps to youth in Pre-K through 12th grade. We’ve created and taught outreach classes to entire school systems, afterschool programs, community organizations and more. Needless to say, for 15 years we’ve been deeply invested in our local community and numerous other communities around Virginia.

We are asking for you to consider a donation to Virginia Children's Theatre.

VCT: It’s about connections 
Our educational programs teach youth how to express themselves and connect with others on and off the stage. From our Kaleidoscope program and Academy Classes to our Youth Professional Ensemble, we teach skills that set our youth up for success throughout life. Theatre kids are connected kids. 


VCT: It’s about teamwork
Being on stage teaches more than acting, dancing and singing. It’s about working with a team as an ensemble and learning to work together to make a show come alive. 


VCT: It’s about the journey
It’s not about the curtain rising and the lights shining bright. It’s about the journey to the stage; those special gifts and moments that give kids skills that they’ll use for a lifetime: how to respect others and be respected, problem-solving, organizational, analytical and technical. 

Virginia Children’s Theatre needs your help this year. Help us give our youth the spotlight they so desperately need. 



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