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2023 Hillel Community Coordinators and Major Events Committee Application

Who we are looking for: We are looking for leaders who are enthusiastic, responsible, passionate, organized, friendly, engaging, and dedicated. Community Coordinators will engage students and create programming to enhance the diversity of Jewish life on campus.

What's a Hillel Community Coordinator?  Community Coordinators will be leading programming and engagement initiatives in specific thematic areas.  Coordinators will work with a Hillel staff advisor to achieve their goals of creating diverse Jewish life on campus.  Keep reading to learn more about the details of the specific coordinator opportunities.  Coordinators will focus primarily on undergraduate students.  All positions are expected to serve for 1 calendar year (January through December), unless noted in the description.

What's a Major Events Committee Member? The Major Events Committee is a team of students who work with the Major Events Officer of the Hillel Governing Board in planning Hillel events. The goal of the committee is to reach the Hillel community and safely provide its members with experiences. We are looking for creative/innovative members who are able to think outside the box in order to plan meaningful events. MEC committee is expected to serve for 1 calendar year (January through December), unless noted in the description.

Application Due Date:  Application due December 8. You are welcome to submit your application earlier. 

Application Process: Each role is unique.  Below you will find each position with a short description followed by application questions.  In addition to this application, there will be a 20-30 minute Q&A with Hillel staff to determine your eligibility.  Information about how to schedule your interview will be sent to you after you submit your application. 




Roles & Descriptions

DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Coordinator (2 people)

The DEI Coordinator will build relationships 1:1 with students interested in dialogues both within the Jewish community and in the greater campus community. They will aim to assess the needs of the community related to dialogue work and identity exploration, and will promote dialogue and educational opportunities through Hillel. This student leader will work to build a core group of students who are dialogue facilitators and participants outside of the groups established in the cohort already. They may sit on committees or groups in the Dialogue and Identity Cohort, as is appropriate. (These groups may include: Resetting the Table Israel Dialogue, Interfaith dialogue, Racial Justice Committee and the Forum on Gender and Judaism). The DEI Coordinator will also help to build relationships with other organizations on campus to bring trainings and dialogues to Hillel, including the Spectrum Center, SAPAC, IGR Common Ground, etc. This coordinator will participate in regular relevant Jewish learning, and attend group facilitation training.

Major Events Committe (4-5 people)

The Major Events Committee is responsible for the planning and running of large scale events for all Hillel students. This includes Bagel Brunches throughout the year, Study Snack programs, Finals Week programming, and other Holiday or Social events.We are looking for creative/innovative members who are able to think outside the box in order to plan meaningful Covid-19 friendly events. Additionally, perspective members ideally enjoy planning events, are detail-oriented, have great communication skills, and are good at multi-tasking. Being a part of Major Events Committee includes but is not limited to two meetings per month as well as attendance at Major Events. Meetings will be held via Zoom or in person with Covid-19 precautions. Optional opportunities include attending Full Governing Board meetings and helping with Shabbat meal hand outs.

Host at Home Coordinator

This position will help to innovate and build upon Michigan Hillel's "Host at Home" program. "Host at Home" empowers any student on campus to host Shabbat dinners and holiday meals in their own home. As the Coordinator, you will decide how to best market this opportunity to the Jewish community on campus, grow the number of students who host, and design creative and meaningful ways to add Jewish educational content to support our campus hosts. You will also be involved in peer to peer engagement and outreach as you work to expand our host base. You willl become an expert in our online engagement platform and help students navigate how to post their meals and invite their friends.

Israel Community Coordinator

The Israel Community Coordinator convenes Hillel’s Israel student groups, promotes leadership opportunities and empower their peers to create innovative Israel-focused programs.  This person should have strong communication skills and a desire to invest time into establishing relationships with Israel group leaders. This person will also be expected to meet regularly with Israel group leaders and students interested in Israel programming.  The Israel Community Coordinator serves as a leading voice among Hillel leaders regarding Israel on campus.

Hillel Goes To... Community Coordinator

The Hillel Goes To coordinator will help identify performance opportunities on campus that feature Jewish students or have Jewish connections. You'll work with Emma to advertise these shows and recruit students who are both in performing arts or who are interested in going to performances together. The HGT coordinator will also help Emma facilitate discussions and/or learning opportunities related to each performance.

Religious Life Coordinator (s)

This (or these two) student leader(s) will work with minyan leaders, and other students in the Hillel community to create pluralistic and meaningful Holiday programming. This includes opportunities for students to lead services and seders, as well as pilot supplemental/alternative programs in the building on Holidays and Shabbat. The RLC will engage individual students 1:1 who are interested in exploring their own experience with observance/denominational affiliation and/or services, and be in dialogue with others around religious pluralism. The RLC will serve as a liaison with the Internal Relations officer and Shabbat Committee Chair on overlapping initiatives by sitting on the Shabbat Committee, and foster relationships will Hillel groups to influence and host Shabbat and holiday programming. They will be the student spokesperson for all religious life experiences at Hillel Open House and Hillel wide events, and will be comfortable connecting with students in all communities at Hillel. This (these) coordinator(s) will participate in Jewish learning with other coordinators on a regular basis.

Schmoozeday Committee Members (1-2)

As Schmoozeday Coordinator, you will plan weekly schmooze events on campus for students looking to build community, make friends, and take a break during the week. This includes strategizing for how to engage more students, planning thems and locations, attending the schmoozedays and bringing your friends. You will meet every other week with Sarah! You are a good fit for this role if you love talking to new people and bringing in new students to the Michigan Hillel community.

Greek Life Coordinator

The Jewish Greek Life Coordinator will think critically about the role of Judaism in Greek Life, and the role of Greek Life in the Jewish Community. They will work with their staff advisor to understand the needs of the Jewish Greek Community. With the support of the board and representatives in every Greek Life house, the Jewish Greek Life Coordinator will help facilitate and plan events, programs, leadership opportunities and more.

Volunteer Coordinators (2 People)

As the volunteer coordinator, you will plan volunteer opportunities, both in-person and virtual, for students at Michigan to build community with each other and give back to the community at-large. This includes, but it not limited to, reaching out to organizations in Ann Arbor to partner with, recruiting volunteers, creating educational content, and volunteering with the group.

Prospective Community Coordinator

The Prospective Student Coordinator will be the point-person for all prospective students looking to visit Michigan to learn about Jewish life on campus. They will give tours of Hillel or will arrange for other staff/students to give tours. The Prospective Student Coordinator will be expected to attend Shabbat dinners, prospective student zooms, and other events as necessary. This student will collaborate with the O-Minyan Prospective Student Coordinator as well. They will also work to create and implement a follow-up survey to send to prospective students to hear about their visit and see what we an do to improve the prospective student experience. They will be expected to mee with Sarah regularly.

Wellness Coordinator

The Wellness Coordinator will work with Elana, the graduate social work intern at Hillel, to plan events for students and connect with other students around mental health, wellness, and self-care. This coordinator will work closely with Elana and other student leaders to understand what support students at Hillel are needing. You may be a good fit for this role if you are curious, creative, like connecting with other students, and planning events.

Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator(s) will be responsible for brainstorming content ideas and filming/editing for the Michigan Hillel Instagram and TikTok. There will be monthly check-in meetings with your staff advisor. The Coordinator(s) will be expected to respond quickly to communication from the team and attend Hillel events to grab content whenever necessary. Someone creative, responsible, and organized will be good for this role. The expectation will be for the team to post with relevant, fun, and appropriate content weekly. They will also be responsible for helping us gain followers, spread the word, and interact with the hillel account from their personal accounts. If you love TikTok/social media, are knowledgeable about trends/hashtags/marketing, and are excited about a relatively low-commitment leadership position, this role is perfect for you!

Application Questions

If you plan to apply for more than 1 position, you will have the opportunity after question 6 to share your interest in up to 2 more positions. Please state above which position is your primary interest. If selected, coordinators will only serve in 1 position.

Please let us know the days and times you have class.