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Attention all Baltimore High School Students

Want to hear about modern Israel from Israelis? The CJE & Baltimore Shinshinim will explore current Israeli society, politics, culture, and business with Israeli teenagers and professionals!

Thursdays @ 7pm on Zoom

1/7, 1/21, 2/4, 2/18, 3/4, 4/8, 4/22

You will be able to sign up for only one session or as many as you like!


You may purchase an ISRAEL CULTURE BOX full of Israeli food, popular games, an Israeli themed book, and cultural items.  The cost for this box is $5.

Topics Include:

January 7
Where are Israelis from? Dive into the cultures of Israel with different migration stories of cultural groups in Israel. Learn about the mosaic of ethnicities that make up the modern Israel we know and love! 

January 21
Go Beyond the Falafel. A food tour of Israel that will go deeper than street food and cherry tomatoes. Learn about the plethora of engaging cuisine that the Jewish state has to offer. 

February 4
Hear about conflict and daily life from two Israeli teenagers who have grown up in Israel. Learn how the conflict can impact everyday things from getting a coffee to riding the bus. Teens will also talk about innovative ways Israeli society has overcome living under conflict!

February 18
Jews, Christians Bahais Oh My. Look at religion in one of the most religious countries on earth. We will take a deep dive into the way that religion affects all aspects of society in the Jewish state. Our Shinshinim will bring us a firsthand look into how religion impacts their lives in Israel. 

March 4
What the Heck is this Place Called? Ever wonder why some call it the West Bank, others Judea and Samaria? We will dive into what it means to use one name versus the other and the political contexts of names in Israel!

April 8
Learn how modern Israeli teenagers feel about America in this class with our wonderful Baltimore Shinshinim. They will dive into how they and their Israeli peers view America back home and while they are here abroad!

April 22
Reflection time and/or a topic that the teens decide upon

We welcome participants of all abilities.  If you need any special accomodations, please contact Stacy Jarvis.

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