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2024 IRIS Alumni Global Citizen Scholarship Application


Many IRIS programs in the United States last only a few weeks or months, but the impact they have on participants can last a lifetime. It is our hope that our IRIS alumni will always feel a connection to IRIS and Iowa, and will strive to expand their knowledge through continued educational efforts long after they have completed our formal programs. It is with this in mind that IRIS developed the IRIS Global Citizen Scholarship Program. The IRIS Global Citizen Scholarship Program is intended to assist IRIS alumni in continuing their educational pursuits by offering scholarships to attend training workshops, secondary school, university or other educational programs in their own country.



Scholarships are open to any IRIS program alumni, and not limited to any program, program year or age range. Applicants must have returned to their home country, and the educational opportunity must occur in their home country. Applicants are limited to one application per year. Selections of scholarships for $200 - $2,000 per alumni, per year, will be based on current community involvement, benefit to the applicant, benefit to their community and country, supplemental sources of funding, and financial need.


Application Deadline

Deadline for submitting an application is Friday, 26 April, 2024, 17:00 U.S. Central/Iowa time.

It is recommended that applicants apply at least three months in advance of intended start of education. IRIS will notify all applicants of the results of their application review by 1 June, 2024.



If you have questions, please contact us at:



IRIS Global Citizen Scholarship Program


1401 50th Street, Suite 102

West Des Moines, IA  50266


Phone: (+1) 515-978-4464

Include Country and City Codes


(IRIS Program Name and Year)

(Include volunteer efforts with other IRIS alumni as well as individual projects.)

Academic Information

What future plans do you have for expanding your education? Area of study? Dates of future study?


Include a complete budget demonstrating educational costs (in local currency). Amount of the Scholarship in U.S. dollars ($) will be based on current exchange rates at the time of distribution. It is important to list all sources of funds you have available to support the overall cost of the education. Family contributions are strongly encouraged. For multiple-year requests, please create and include a separate budget for each year. Please provide as much detail to your budget as possible, including tuition, book and other fees, housing, food and other related expenses. Family-provided meals and housing can be used as supplemental support. You may be asked for additional information.

Please include any contributions to your overall costs from family, other funding sources or your own personal financial support. Explain where each supplemental support is coming from and for what expenses. Family-provided meals and housing can be used as supplemental support.

Total Budget Cost minus Total Supplemental Resources. (Scholarship request cannot exceed $2,000 per year)