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VFN Agritourism Membership Form

Thank you for being a Vermont Fresh Network Agritourism member!


Thank you for your interest Vermont Fresh Network's Agritourism farm membership!

Vermont Fresh Network has been working to support and grow Vermont’s food and farm sector since 1996. We understand the importance of agritourism for Vermont’s working landscape and rural economy, and want to provide the space for this sector to grow by providing resources and community for farms that provide - and/or plan to expand - their agritourism offerings. VFN offers both sector and industry networking and resource support, as well as public facing collaborative marketing support and increasing their overall reach. Some of our recent agritourism projects and programs include:

Please fill this form out as thoroughly as possible. Much of this information populates your public-facing DigInVT listing.

If you have any questions while submitting your application, feel free to contact VFN's Membership Manager at

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Membership Criteria for Agritourism Farms

Agritourism Farms must meet the following criteria to qualify for listing. There are 4 areas for qualification:

  1. Must be a working farm* with produce, animal products, or other agricultural goods grown and raised onsite
  2. Provide a safe and welcoming environment for visitors
  3. Be open and set up for visitors year round or seasonally, with visiting times clearly communicated
  4. Comply with all applicable regulations, including short-term rental permitting and regulations for commercial sale of products

*We adhere to the USDA farm definition, which means you must produce and sell at least $1,000 of agricultural products in a given year.

If you have any questions about whether you qualify for a listing on DigInVT and/or Vermont Fresh Network membership, email

If you have been a member before, choose Renewing (even if your membership has lapsed).

Basic Contact Information


We send updates & member newsletters with events, webinars, workshops, etc. relevant to VFN members. Please add e-mails of any staff (beyond the admin contact already listed) who should receive this update (manager, owner, chef, etc.) or serve as secondary contacts for your membership.

Public Directory Information

Additional contact & business details for the public directory

For display in a public directory listing - several sentences to describe your business (third person preferred). *Leave blank if renewing and current description on is satisfactory.

E-mail for customers to contact

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Please include full website link. Example:

Please include full website link. Example:

Please input the hours you are open to the public - leave blank if not applicable.
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IMPORTANT: Landscape/horizontal only, please. Larger images will be cropped and resized to fit 800px wide by 450px high. Smaller images will not display well. Please do not send files over 1MB.

For specialty food businesses and farms running a store that bring in product from *other* farms:
Are you looking for restaurant and/or specialty food and beverage partners to build sales relationships with?

VFN Membership Dues

Dues cover one year of membership with VFN. Please note that they are not refundable. If you would like to pay by check or have a question about the amount, please submit this form and contact us.