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Tread Trainer Course Requests

Do you have an event where the Tread Lightly! message would be a good fit? Is your recreational club looking for ways to become better stewards of our public and private lands or waters? Contact Tread Lightly! to find out what events and materials are available to you! Tread a little farther and become a Tread Lightly! member!

Request a Trainer in your area to teach an Awareness Course or give a presentation for your club or organization. You can also request a Tread Trainer to be a Tread Lightly! representative at an event.

Contact Information


An effective Tread Trainer course should have 8 - 25 people. The course minimum for a Master Tread Trainer course is 8.

Ideal Course Date:

Planning requires at least 3 months from request date. To schedule courses more than 2 years in advance, contact the Tread Trainer Program Manager.