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Driver Information



Vehicle Details

List anything that may need to be taken into consideration for the event. Ex: No AC, Convertible, etc.

Registration Donation

What's Included:

Every driver, regardless of star designation will receive a catered breakfast, driver’s briefing, navigator/team member, race instructions, race transponder, driver rank insignia car magnet, our own private space and live music at the finish line, and a winner’s circle.

Each registration tier comes with different perks listed in the pricing section. In order to properly scale our events, each tier is limited in size and rallye entry is capped at 40 cars. Once a tier limit is met, the tier will be sold out!

The finish location will also have food available for purchase, a raffle for additional shwag, chances to register for our next event, and other benefits.


Other Information, Release, & Agreement

1. The entry fee, as stated herein, is for one vehicle entered to support Rallye for Vets. Owner / Entrant understands that this entry is a conditional offer to participate and constitutes an agreement with the Rallye for Vets coordinators to take part in the “Rallye to Breaux” unless otherwise prevented by circumstances beyond the control of Owner / Entrant. The undersigned agrees for himself / herself and his / her team to comply with all federal, state, and local laws related in any way to the event.

2. The undersigned certified that to the best of his / her knowledge all information on this form is true and correct, and that the licenses and insurance policies for the individual and vehicle listed above are and will be legally valid and in force throughout the duration of the event and further that he / she has the authority to provide such information to Rallye for Vets.

3. Finally, the undersigned acknowledges that while participating he / she agree to permit the Rallye for Vets event promotor and their assigns, the use of his / her name, voice and / or likeness and photographic / videographic images of them and their vehicle for news, publicity and feature use, films and video, newspapers, magazines and all other media in connection with advertising and for purpose of trade.