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About You and Your Home

Due to the medical needs and fragile health of kittens and some of the cats that enter our program, we ask that foster homes be within close proximity (15-minute drive) to our shelter and contracted veterinary clinics.

We take our commitment to the health and safety of our kitties seriously so we will not approve any homes for fostering if smoking takes place in the home.


Foster parents must be over 18 years of age.

Since our time is limited, and we have volunteers perform these home inspections, please do not submit an application if your home will not pass our inspection as a 100% smoke free home.


Renters MUST have landlord approval prior to having a home inspection. Some landlords require a pet deposit to be paid even if the animal is only a foster and will not live in the home forever. SFOF is not able to assist you with paying these deposits.

Only renters are required to complete this section.

In order to make sure that the space set aside for foster use is appropriate, please upload pictures of the area that will be used.

Additional photos of designated foster space

About Who You'd Like to Foster

The Foster Coordinator will have the final decision on how many kitties your space can handle once the home inspection is completed.

Foster cats/kittens can be expected to stay in foster care from 2 days to several months. The shelter has limit space to house cats/kittens on site.


Fosters can be in your home for several months at a time, especially during kitten season. We do our best to get them into the shelter based on the length of time in care. 

The most successful way for you to get your fosters adopted quickly, is to be active in helping at outreach adoption events and getting the word out about our adoption program.

List the number of current pets in your home:

Please list number and type
As a rescue organization for homeless cats and kittens, we are dedicated to the message of the need for having all pets spayed and neutered. This is a message that all of our volunteers must support both verbally and by having their own pets spayed and neutered. Proof may be required.
It is very important that your cats be up-to-date for their health and safety as well as that of the foster cat/kitten. Proof may be required.
SFoF will provide medical care, medication, food and litter. In the event that SFoF is out of food or litter, can you provide these for your fosters.

A separate indoor living space is required for our cats/kittens.  This space can be a spare bedroom or bathroom that your resident pets cannot get into. A garage is not acceptable, unless approved first.  Rooms must be fully enclosed/finished (not under construction).

Crates are nice confinement for occasional use, but not for the entire time a cat/kitten is in your home.

The foster program is to allow the cat/kitten to live in a true home environment and not be raised in a crate.

Crates are great for tiny kittens that are still learning, and for safety when no one is home or at night.


Reliable transportation is a car owned by you, under your control and keeping. Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered reliable transportation. The Foster Coordinator may consider rides from family members or friends as reliable transportation. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Transportation will include trips to and from the SFOF Shelter, vet clinic visits and Adoption Outreach events.


I certify that all information above is true and correct. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age.  I certify that I am a homeowner, or that I do rent my home and can provide proof of landlord approval to have foster cats/kittens in my home. I understand that Salem Friends of Felines (SFOF) is not responsible for any property or personal damage, injuries or illness caused by any of their foster cats or kittens.