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Angel's Wish Center Construction Fundraising Campaign



We are excited for this new expansion and the possibilities it brings with it. We're grateful you're choosing to be an important part of our journey. Every gift helps ensure our opportunity to grow as an organization and continue to help stray and homeless animals well into the future.

If you'd like more information about our exciting project, please visit this website 

If you have any questions regarding donations or pledges, contact
and we'll be glad to assist you. 

You can support our work with trust and confidence, knowing we earned a 2022 Silver Seal with GuideStar.

Donation & Pledge Instructions

You are welcome to donation or pledge as much or as little as you wish. Donations are one-time gifts; pledges are monthly installment payments over a period of time. 

Pledges can be set-up in monthly or yearly installments. We ask that pledges under $2,500 be paid over two years (or less). Pledges over $2,500 can be paid over two or three years.

To help you decide, here are some common amounts and their related payment plans. 

Total Amount Pledged Monthly payment amount
(over three years)
Monthly payment amount
(over two years)
Monthly payment amount
(over one year)
Yearly payment amount
(over three years)
Yearly payment amount
(over two years)
$10,000 $278 $417 $833 $3,333 $5,000
$7,500 $208 $313 $625 $2,500 $3,750
$5,000 $139 $209 $417 $1,667 $2,500
$4,000 $111 $167 $333 $1,333 $2,000
$3,000 $83 $125 $250 $1,000 $1,500
$2,500 $70 $104 $208 $833 $1,250
$2,000 n/a $83 $167 n/a $1,000
$1,500 n/a $63 $125 n/a $750
$1,000 n/a $42 $83 n/a $500
$750 n/a $32 $63 n/a $375
$500 n/a $21 $42 n/a $250



Donation & Pledge Entry Instructions

Choose the scenario that best matches how you would like to give to Angel's Wish. Follow the entry instructions as listed.

One-time donation: You want to donate $5,000 and you want to pay all of it right now. Enter "$5,000" and select "One Time" in the drop-down menu.

A monthly pledge: You want to pledge $5,000 and pay monthly over three years. Enter the monthly payment amount of $139 and select "Monthly" in the drop-down menu. ($139 will be due with the submission of this form.)

A yearly pledge: You want to pledge $5,000 and pay yearly over three years. Enter the yearly payment amout of $1,667 and select "Yearly" in the drop-down menu. ($1,667 will be due with the submission of this form.) 

Ending Date

To choose an ending date for your pledged donation, use the following guidelines:

  • For donations over a three-year period: choose today's date in 2025
  • For donations over a two-year period: choose today's date in 2024
  • For donations over a one-year period: choose today's date in 2023

You may choose a period that is not yearly; for example, you may choose to donate over a six month period or a 18-month period. Make sure you set the amount and ending date appropriately. 



Additional Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

Donors can honor or remember a pet, person, or family, or even a business or organization with a customized plaque on the door or wall of the area being sponsored.

  • Adoption Center Lobby: $100,000
  • Medical & Isolation Rooms: $25,000
  • Training Room: $25,000
  • Large Visiting Room (2): $20,000
  • Medium Visiting Room (4): $15,000
  • Small Visiting Room (6): $10,000
  • Cat Condo: $5,000
  • Adoption Counseling Area: $5,000

Sponsorship Opportunities Details

We will use the phone number listed in the contact information below.

Memorial or Honorary Gift Details

Memorials are usually reserved for those who have passed away. Honorary gifts are usually for those who are still living.

Feel free to include a full name, initials, first name only, or short descriptions, such as "Sparky, our sweet Angel's Wish kitty."
We are happy to send a handwritten card to the person you're honoring with your gift or another person you would like to inform of your gift. Often, for In Memorial gifts, a card is sent to a surviving family member to inform them of the gift.

Please provide a full name and full address, and any other information you would like us to know (for example, what relation you or the card recipient is to the person who is being honored, any holidays or special events this gift is celebrating) so we can personalize your card.

Workplace Matching Details

Double your impact! Check with your employer to see if they have a gift matching program. Angel's Wish will receive a form to fill out with information about your donation and send that off to your employer. Then, your employer will send us a gift, usually in the same amount as yours. (Some workplaces match at half, 1.5 times, or even 2 times the amount you give!)

Mail forms to: Angel's Wish, 116 Horizon Dr., Suite 106, Verona, WI  53593
Email forms to: (please include "workplace matching gift" in your subject line.)

Please do not upload a photo of the form--those are difficult to fill-out and print.

Deferred Giving Details

We will use the phone number listed in the contact information below.

Contact Information

Even if you wish for your gift to stay anonymous, please provide your contact information so we can properly thank you for the gift. The opportunity to mark this gift as anonymous appears later in the form.
What if my partner and I want to donate together?

If you share the same last name: enter both of your names with an & in the "First Name" field and your last name in the "Last Name" field.
Your names: Jane & Joe Smith
would be entered as
First name: Jane & Joe     Last name: Smith

If you don't share the same last name: enter one person's first name in the "First Name" field and that person's last name, along with the second person's full name, in the "Last Name" field.
Your names: Jane Smith and Joe Johnson
would be entered as
First name: Jane     Last name: Smith and Joe Johnson
First name: Joe     Last name: Johnson and Jane Smith

Questions? Email us at and we'll get your donation set-up for you! 

We never use your phone number to ask for donations. We ask for it on this form in case we need to reach you regarding your donation.
Please use "home" only if this is a landline phone at your home.


Select "Yes" if you like to enter two email addresses. For example, an email address for both partners of a couple or a home email address and a work email address.

Use this field to enter a secondary email.


Donor Wall Recognition Options

Here are some examples of way you can choose to be recognized on our donor wall (Note: there is a 35 character limit):

  • Individual: Sahid Dhillon or Sahid D.
  • Couple (same last name): Sahid and Marilyn Dhillon
  • Couple (different last names): Sahid Dhillon and Marilyn Jackson
  • Family: The Gomez Family or The Gomezes
  • Business/Organization: Verona Area Bird Watching Society or The Employees at Carol's Cat Castle
  • Pets: Finnigan, Dasher, and Maybelle; For Gatsby, love Mom



There is a 35 character limit. See examples to the right.
Angel's Wish would like to publicly recognize those who contribute to this remarkable campaign with a display in our new building. However, if you wish to not have your name published, please indicate that below.

Anything else?

Use this field to send a message of support to our volunteers or inform us of any name, address, phone, or email changes. DO NOT inquire about adoptable animals, adoption applications, previous donations, volunteer opportunities, or receipts. Those requests may not be seen and will not be answered.

Note: The payment processor may ask you to re-enter your contact information.