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Flash Fiction with Kate Wisel

Writing a piece of flash fiction is like standing on the three-state spot: in 1,000 words or less you are employing the concision of poetry to tell a short story that evokes a world with the breadth of a Proustian novel. Out of breath? Good! Flash moves quickly. But it’s not as impossible as it sounds. The elements utlilized in flash are crucial for any form of fiction: crisp language, world-building, character development, plot turns and conflict. So how do we get it all? Think of those tiny houses on HGTV. Constraints make room for innovation. It is possible to make a lot with a little. In this class, we will look at a series of micro pieces from flash masters to discuss livewire and framing devices. With assigned prompts, we will explore various structural limitations that can spark sudden and deep truths, all while containing them. This session will also offer tactics for ruthless revising and tips on how to submit flash fiction in today’s market. Participants are asked to bring notecards, a pen and paper for in-session generating.  


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