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Global Human Salt Marsh Degradation in Your Neighborhood

The 2023 Land Trust Learning Series

Featuring Mark Bertness, Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Emeritus, Brown University

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Mark Bertness grew up beach combing on the shores of the Salish Sea in Washington State, where he developed a passion for shoreline ecology. His research has taken him to Panama, the Netherlands, Sardinia, Argentina, Chile, China -- and Barrington, Rhode Island. He has authored several books on marine ecology, one of which he wrote while sitting in the Barrington Public Library.

Dr. Bertness will bring the challenge of salt marsh degradation into focus. Coastal salt marshes are one of the most valuable ecosystems on the Earth in terms of the services they provide humanity. Historically, however, marshes have been extensively ditched, drained and developed, motivating the conservation and restoration of remaining marshes.


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