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BurlyCon, November 9-12, 2017.

BurlyCon is excited to announce our brand new Intensive Program.

This year we are offering 4 Intensive workshops geared towards attendees who desire a focus on specific discipline or theory.  Intensive workshops have a limited class size and attendees must attend the entire workshop to reap the full benefit.

Advanced registration is required and intensives cost $15 each. 

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Ultimate Self Confidence! Total Tool Kit Intensive - SOLD OUT!

World Famous *BOB*

Friday, 2:15-6:15

Level: All levels

Class limited to 30 People


Ever feel stuck in who you are?  Do you feel that your onstage presence has become stale?  Does the predictability of your life bore you but you're not sure how to create change?  Do you feel scared or unsure of being able to be the person you've always dreamt of being? Join World Famous *BOB* as she hands you the tools to take steps towards creating the true sense of Ultimate Self Confidence that you desire. 

This  4 hour intensive will explore these questions in a safe group setting. Please bring a pen, snack,  paper & be on time.


Flexibility Fitness Intensive (Intermediate Skill Level)

Kristina Nekyia

Friday, 9am-12pm

Level: Intermediate

Class limited to 20 people 


This three-hour intensive will give you a full-body stretch and strengthen routine designed especially for dancers to help improve your flexibility and movement quality. We will focus on hips, shoulders, and backbends. creating greater range of motion through movements and strength-building exercises. Dancers will come away with a toolbox of techniques that can be used to build desired positions and abilities through regular practice. Please bring a yoga mat and a journal to class and wear comfortable, stretchy clothes. This is an intermediate and above level workshop. While advanced flexibility is not required, it is advisable that you have a regular fitness practice. You will work.

The Elements: Act Development Intensive

Ray Gunn

Saturday, 10:15am. Lunch at noon. Resume at 2:45PM-4:45PM

Level: All levels

Class limited to 30 people 


This 4-hour intensive workshop and lecture is designed to help participants with act building. Participants will discuss the basic components of constructing, focusing, and editing a successful burlesque act through: identifying the major types of teases that are most successful in burlesque, focusing on musicality and the creation and construction of choreography as it applies to burlesque concepts, and examining an act’s stagecraft, central focus, and element continuity. Participants should come prepared to take notes, openly discuss the subject matter, and dress comfortably to move.

Be an Expert at Production Management!

Baby Doe

Sunday, 9am-12pm

Level: Intermediate

Class limited to 30 students

Be an Expert at Production Management!

In this intensive 3 hour workshop you will walk away with all the skills needed to throw a top-notch complex event and remain sane and loved! Coming into this intensive you should already have produced at least one event and are looking to grow what you have created or take it up to the next level. Baby Doe will dive deep into a variety of topics to get you set for success as well as inspired to keep your own events growing. Topics include: organizational tools, managing huge amounts of performers, maintaining excellent Group Dynamics with volunteers and staff, social media, sponsorship, marketing, merchandise, working with venues, budgets and creating the best event for your audience! This intensive has been designed to be partial lecture and partial group session so that each attendee gets the most out of the experience.


The Fine Print:

* You must already be registered for BurlyCon to take advantage of the Intensives.

* This registration is NON-refundable, but is free to transfer to the person of your choice.  Contact to transfer your Intensive.

* Tardiness will not be tolerated.  

* You are encouraged to be 10 minutes early to class.

* Those who chose to be more than 5 mintues late will not be allowed into class and there will be no refund.

* Once a class is full, we will collect names for a waitlist and let those on the list know by email, text, or phone call if a space opens.

* Bring a beverage and packaged snack to class.  There will be breaks, but we want you hydrated and eager to learn!

By signing below, I acknowledge that all class content, including but not limited to teaching method, curriculum, discussions, written materials, movements, dance steps, routines, choreography, and other processes and material (hereafter referred to as "Proprietary Information") are the property of the Presenters and constitute confidential and proprietary business information and trade secrets, the unauthorized disclosure or distribution of which will irreparably harm the Presenters. I further agree that in exchange for BurlyCon's agreeing to take me on as a participant, I agree to keep the Proprietary Information confidential and that I will not disclose the Proprietary Information to anyone without prior written consent of the individual Presenters. I further agree that I will not teach to any third party any of the Proprietary Information, and that I will refer any person wishing to learn any of the Proprietary Information to the Presenter. I further expressly agree that I will not use the Proprietary Information for the purpose of soliciting any students or members of BurlyCon or to otherwise compete with BurlyCon or the Presenters.