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Salmon in the Classroom Application for Teachers

Tell us who you are!

Ideally, at least two teachers share the responsibilities (and fun!) of the program. Please check with your fellow teachers and identify a tank partner!


For Kindergarten, enter "0"

For Kindergarten, enter "0"

Tell us why you want to join SITC!

Briefly outline your project proposal. How do you plan to use the salmon tank in your classroom to enrich your students' learning? What specific parts of your existing curriculum will connect easily with the salmon in the classroom program? What activities will your students complete that will incorporate the salmon tank?

You'll need approval from your principal before joining the program. You will receive a Participating Agreement form once you submit your application, which will need to be signed by your principal.

Tell us where you want to release your salmon!

You will release Coho salmon into a waterway near your school twice a year. Since involving students in releasing their fish is key to our mission, we prefer that you choose a release site that can accommodate a group (think about safety, size of your group, accessibility). Your permit will only list a major waterway, but WDFW biologists will be considering your specific site for approval. Once you are assigned a release location, it may be difficult to change.
Not sure? Look it up here:

Tell us the name of the stream or creek where you want to release your salmon.

What address can we use to find your release site on Google Maps?

If your proposed release site is a small tributary, please indicate what larger waterway your tributary feeds into (i.e. Salmon Creek, Burnt Bridge Creek, Washougal River).

Please upload a vicinity map showing the location of the creek. Any photographs or survey information you can provide is very helpful to the biologists who will review your application.