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Gordon Square Review 5K Write-a-Thon

Tie on your favorite writing robe, stretch those arm muscles, and pull up to the starting line for the virtual Gordon Square Review 5K Write-a-Thon!
During this weeklong virtual fundraiser to support GSR, participants will race to be the first to write 5,000 words...or five poems, or whatever writing goal you may have in mind. The program includes opening and closing ceremonies held via Zoom and access to a Slack channel throughout the week to help writers connect and share their progress. We'll have prizes, giveaways, writing tips and resources, interaction with GSR editors, and more.

The 5K Write-a-Thon supports a locally produced literary journal that highlights regional writers and offers mentorships, but most of all, it creates the perfect excuse to clear your schedule for a week to focus on what really matters: your writing.



Opening Ceremony: Sunday, March 7 at 7pm
Slack motivation and discussion channel: Sunday, March 7-Saturday, March 13
Closing Ceremony: Saturday, March 13 at 9am


Register to join. All participants will be able to join the opening and closing ceremonies, gain access to the Slack channel, and potentially win prizes. Donors at $50 will receive a special GSR 5K sticker. Donors at $75 donors will receive the GSR 5K sticker and a copy of our new Neighborhood Voices anthology. 



The 5K Write-a-Thon functions as a fundraiser for Gordon Square Review and to give writers the time and space to work on their own writing. We encourage all participants to embrace the spirit of the event by donating to help support their own time spent at the Write-a-Thon. If you would like to register but barriers prevent you from donating, please contact to learn more.

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