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Please Fund Home Zones in the 2020 City Budget!

Dear Seattle City Council, 

I believe that everyone deserves a safe place to walk. 

Currently, 26% of our streets lack a sidewalk or other safe place to walk. With the current level of funding, it will take centuries to build sidewalks for every street. That's why the Home Zone idea is so exciting — for the price of one sidewalk we can make an entire neighborhood safer to walk in. 

Home zones use traffic calming measures like diverters to limit and slow traffic on residential streets, creating people-centered places for people of all ages to play, relax, and get around safely.

The Seattle City Council funded a pilot program in 2019 and SDOT is currently constructing two Home Zones, one in Broadview and one in South Park this year. But the mayor did not include a continuation of the Home Zone program for 2020. But you can continue this important program.  

Please continue funding for the Home Zone program in 2020, and increase funding to $500,000. 

Thank you,


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