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Confidentiality Agreement

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This is a legal document that affects your legal rights.

Associates and volunteers serving with The Literacy Council of Manatee County, d/b/a Manatee Literacy Council, frequently have contact with clients, customers, donors and visitors. It is extremely important that any information you learn about any person while working with the Manatee Literacy Council be treated respectfully and confidentially because each individual has a right to and an expectation of privacy.  

Associates and volunteers may only discuss or share confidential information with others on a “need to know” basis or as required by their position’s responsibilities. Client or donor information cannot be shared with Associate or volunteer family or friends. No one may publicize even general, personal information that might identify the persons served.  

The Manatee Literacy Council relies on factual, often very personal, information to determine an individual’s need and to offer assistance. Care must be taken to record only what is essential to serve them.  When handling confidential information, Associates and volunteers will ensure that nothing is disseminated and identities are protected by:

  1. Securing paper files in locked cabinets,
  2. Assuring computer screens and files are not visible to others, and
  3. Sending messages or attachments that contain personal client information through a secured server to only approved recipients who also have a “need to know”.

Associates and volunteers will not share personal information about clients, including names, place of residence, any contact information including phone number or email, with others except for the approved business purpose of assisting them, for a compelling professional reason, with the client’s express written consent or when asked to do so by the client.

Contact Information


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Employment and Education Information

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Please note: MLC is collecting this information for the sole purpose of matching learners and tutors

Photo Release

I understand that my photographs and/or statements will be used in Manatee Literacy Council materials, which may be social media posts, website testimonials, newspaper articles, brochures, educational leaflets, funding requests to donors, annual reports, videos, and other related publications. I understand that this permission is valid indefinitely unless I notify the Manatee Literacy Council otherwise. 

Volunteer Responsibilities

I understand that Manatee Literacy Council has a code of ethics that applies to the Board, Staff, Volunteers, and Learners equally.  This code of ethics is called their "House Rules" and is outlined below. MLC has intentionally created the House Rules to be understandable by everyone associated with this organization so that it may be followed by all.  The House Rules are outlined here:

House Rules Flyer 8.5 x 11 5.0 (Facebook Post (Landscape)).png

Training and Materials Costs

We ask that our tutors-in-training contribute $25 to partially offset the cost of tutor training.  As a very small organization, the books and materials to train tutors represent a substantial cost. If you are volunteering with our organization and NOT becoming a tutor, you may choose not to contribute, or you may choose to make a donation.

If you require that your materials be mailed to you, we ask that you contribute an additional $10 to offset the cost of mailing. Mailing cost varies depending on your location, but we feel this fee covers both the mailing and packaging cost for materials.  If you are not in a position to contribute, please just let us know.  Thank you!

If you choose to contribute to your tutor training materials but then decide not to use the following form, we will not receive your application.  Please go back to your original application and choose "I am not able to contribute" so that we know that you have applied.  Thanks!