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Montana Science Center Scout Scientist Patch

Montana Science Center Scout Scientist Patch 

Welcome to Montana Science Center (MSC)! We are so excited that you have joined us to learn more about Science & Technology while you earn this special Montana Science Center (MSC) patch. 

The following activities can be done individually (while with a parent and/or caregiver) or collaboratively with your troop (while with troop leaders. We require a 1:8 ratio of adults to scouts). When you complete the required activities, please see the front desk. You will then be able to purchase a special MSC patch for $3.50. The cost of the patch goes to support programming and exhibits at the Science Center. Thank you for your contribution! Please contact MSC at least one week prior to your visit for activities indicated below. Also, check our online calendar for special events, STEAMlab hours and more! All other activities are available during regular hours - Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. 

What to bring: Scouts interested in completing the patch should bring a journal or extra paper and a pencil. Other helpful items to have on hand are colored pencils and cameras if children want to photo-document their discoveries. 

Activity Choices: To earn your patch, complete at least 3 activities of your choice from the Discover & Record section, the Citizen Science section and one service project. 

**The record sheet for the Discover & Record Section, as well as the worksheet for the Citizen Science Section can be obtained at the Front Desk. 

Parents/Leader: Please look over the list of activities. Choose activities that are appropriate to the age and abilities of the child(ren) and/or scouts. Also, please come prepared to answer the questions of your child/troop. 

Note: These activities require reading and reflecting upon the questions read. If you are accompanying young children who are still acquiring the skills used to read, please be prepared to read the questions to the child(ren)/troop. Children are welcome to write their answers, or draw their answers, as well, depending on their skill level. Note: We recommend a 1:8 ratio of adults to children when coming in with larger groups, or troops. Have fun! 

Discover & Record: Spend some time exploring the exhibits. Complete at least 3 activities below using your journal/discovery sheets to record your thoughts. 

1. It’s A Bug’s World 

a. What two types of live insects do we have? 

b. Name three bugs that are not actually insects. 

c. Create a species of insect & draw it. 

2. Physics Place 

a. What kind of machine is the puppy pivot? 

b. What happens when you add multiple coins to the vortex? (Coins available at the front desk.)? 

3. Wonders of Water 

a. What type of fish live in our fish tank? 

b. Where are they from? 

c. Find the bubble tank. Create a plan to get a bubble “out” of the tank. Test it and revise it if needed! 

4. Building Brainstorm 

a. Draw a concept of something you’ll build with the Rigamajig; then build it! 

b. What different types of roofs are featured in this exhibit? 

c. Name 4 different types of material of which you could build a home. 

5. Augmented Reality Sandbox 

a. What is topography? How are topographic maps used? 

b. What do the different colored contour lines in the AR sandbox represent? 

c. Make a steep-sided mountain. Describe the distance between the contour lines. 

6. Speak to a Scientist (Please contact MSC 1 week in advance to schedule a time to chat with a Scientist in-house!

a. What type of Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math does the Scientist you spoke with study? 

b. What problems do they aim to solve? 

c. What tools do they use? 

7. STEAMLab (Please note ahead our hours for the STEAMLab space. They can be found on our website at 

a. Design in 3D using TinkerCad 

b. Play Minecraft 

c. Take apart machines 

Citizen Science: Answer all of the following questions, to explore Science in your everyday life! 

1. Where do you use technology in your day-to-day life? 

2. How do you interact with science each day? 

3. If you were to invent something, what would it be? 

4. Draw your future self as a scientist, engineer, person in tech. 

a. What is your job? 

b. What problem do you solve? 

c. Who do you work with? 

d. What equipment do you work with? 

Service Project: To earn a patch, you must complete a service project. Please take note of age-appropriate service projects as listed. Allow 30 minutes to an hour to complete the service project. Examples of service projects include, but are not limited to: 

1. Clean an Exhibit Gallery such as Bigs! or Physics Place (ages 5-10). 

2. Prep materials for upcoming programming (ages 5+). 

3. Sweep Outside of the Science Center (ages 5+). 

4. Weather permitting: Shovel the walkways of the Science Center (ages 5+). 

5. Organize the classroom space (ages 5+). 




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