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We need folks to take the period products we have in inventory and package them into kits for distribution.
Volunteers are needed to deliver menstrual products to our partners using their personal vehicles. Geographical range is within a 1-hour radius of Richmond, but most deliveries are within a 20 minute drive of the city.
Volunteers are needed to work at community resource fairs across the greater Richmond region. Volunteers will distribute menstrual products to attendees as well as set up and take down Sylvia’s Sisters tables.
We are constantly running donation drives for menstrual hygiene products and are in need for individuals to help hold drives.
We would love people to help grow our support base by developing a fundraising strategy, planning and executing events, and identifying potential funding sources.
We are looking for creative individuals to assist in the creation of content for e-newsletter, social media, and press releases.
As a primarily volunteer organization, Sylvia's Sisters is looking for qualified individuals to support our mission by serving on the Board of Directors or as a professional advisor.
Assist with tasks including research of issues related to period poverty, identification of potential partners and community events, and preparation of mailings.
Sylvia's Sisters is in need of volunteers who are fluent in Spanish or other languages to help us communicate through written materials and at community events. Are there any languages in which you would feel comfortable providing translation assistance?