National Home Funeral Alliance

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NHFA February 2024 Webinar

Join us at our webinar on Thursday, February 22nd at 8pm ET | 5pm PT - Home Funeral Photography with Shannon MacFarlane. Recordings are sent out within two weeks of the event.

What can funeral photography add to your home funeral?

Funeral photography isn’t morbid or weird - it is documenting an important event within a community. It can serve many purposes, including being able to share a home funeral with those who couldn’t attend, photographing people together who haven’t been in the same room since the last family wedding or funeral, and documenting family history. The most powerful reason is the value photography has during the grieving process.

Shannon goes through life telling stories with cameras, painting memorial portraits, and wondering if she wasn’t really supposed to be a housecat. She’s known for an obnoxiously loud laugh, being a grief enthusiast, her preference for non-human animals, and excessive chocolate consumption which may or may not have contributed to kidney stones. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her grief-savvy young person, kitties, and German shepherd.

​Register to join us live or receive a recording of this 90-minute event for a sliding scale donation (starting at $10).