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2021 Manure Madness

Due to Covid-19, we are still unable to have in-person fundraisers. This is a big financial loss for us, so we are having the 2021 Manure Madness fundraiser!!!

For each ticket you purchase, you get a square (picked through randomization) in our arena (arena will be divided into 100 squares). On Saturday, June 5th, we will release one of our horses into the arena and wait.....for MANURE MADNESS to occur! The square that the horse poops in will be the WINNER of some fantastic prizes!!! The event will be virtually! Tickets are on sale from May 10th through May 31st.

Each ticket/square is $20 or you can purchase 6 tickets/squares for $100.

Are you ready for some FUN???


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Please note: if you choose to pay via check or cash by mailing it to ATS, we MUST receive the payment NO LATER THAN Saturday, May 29th!