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This is a FREE veteran racecar ride-along day at Chicago Autobahn in Joliet. We are offering 10 honorable veterans a day where they will be treated to riding in a racecar with the pros. 

**The first 10 to sign up will be required to confirm or cancel their spot no later than 9/10/2024** I will create a waiting list after 10 have signed up. In the event of a veteran cancellation we will randomly choose replacements from the waiting list.


Veterans Path to Hope Outdoors & AllenForce is honored to offer 10 honorable veterans or active duty military an exciting day at Chicago Autobahn in Joliet.

Our day kicks off at the Chicago Autobahn in Joliet at 10am on Saturday, 09/14/2024. Each veteran will get to ride along for multiple sessions. Sessions will go off every hour or so. Please be prepared to wait in between runs.

*This trip is only for the veteran/active duty, no guests/family allowed.

**Due to past 'No-show, no-call" on VPH Outdoors events, we have instituted a policy that those that "no-show, no-call" will not be eligible for VPH Outdoors events for a calendar year from date of event. "No-shoe, no-call" means another veteran could have taken part in that event. Thanks for understanding. -Ryan





Active Duty/Veteran Information

This trip is FREE to active duty military and honorably discharged military veterans.
10 spots available.


Do you require special accommodations due to your disability?
Due to the nature of this event, there are potential risks that may affect those suffering from TBI, PTSD, Anxiety and other conditions. Please acknowledge these risks, and agree to sign an accident waiver and release of liability form to participate in this event.