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2022 Alumni Survey

Here at Building Futures we are trying to gauge the interest of our graduates to see what workshops and professional development opportunities you might be interested in. These are just some ideas that have come up in conversation with some of you- please share any other ideas!

Contact Information

Please share either your cell phone or email- whichever is the best way to reach you!

Please rate your interest on the workshop ideas below:

For example: Build Your Credit, Plan for the Future, Manage Day-to-Day Finances, 1st Time Homeownership,
(Includes budgeting, stock, etc.)
Workshop Series to include: Business Planning & Structure, Bonding & Insurances, Estimating & Bidding, Managing Finances & Employees, Registering as a Women/Minority Business Entity, Becoming a Signatory Contractor and more
Workshop Series could include Engaging in your union activities, Identifying community problems & solutions, Talking to decision makers etc.

More ways for alumni to be involved:

Projects like a neighborhood garden, playground etc.

Share your ideas

What did we miss? Are there workshops/leadership opportunities you would be interested in?