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2024 Traverse Trail Work Days

Multiple Dates Scheduled - See Below

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Please check one or more dates on which you'd like to volunteer. All work days begin at 10 am on site.
We frequently take photographs and video recordings during the programs we conduct that are intended to show participants having fun and completing learning activities. Some photographs or video recordings may capture you and/or your child's participation, directly or indirectly. Please indicate below your preference for us to use photos or recordings that may contain you and/or your child's image on our website, social media pages, and in printed publications for educational or organizational purposes. Thank you.
I represent that, to my knowledge, I am in good health and suffer no physical impairment that would or should prevent my participation in Volunteer Activities. I understand that participation in these Volunteer Activities involves certain risks, including, but not limited to, property damage, serious injury and death. I am voluntarily participating in these Volunteer Activities with knowledge of the danger involved and I agree to accept all risks of participation, including, but not limited to, risks associated with operating vehicles and equipment, use of power tools, ladders, hand tools, and other equipment, manual labor and exertion, carrying objects, walking or working on uneven terrain and exposed to the hazards of the natural environment. I understand and agree that THTLT is not responsible for any property damage, personal injury or death arising out of the Volunteer Activities. I also agree to indemnify and hold THTLT harmless from all claims in any way associated with my participation in the Volunteer Activities. If I am injured so as to require emergency medical treatment, I authorize, but do not mandate THTLT to provide, emergency medical treatment for myself. I hereby release THTLT from any claim whatsoever which arises or may arise in the future on account of any first aid treatment or other medical services that are conducted in connection with an emergency in any way associated with my Volunteer Activities, or in the event that no such treatment or services are provided. I understand that this waiver releases THTLT from any liability or claim that I, the Volunteer, may have against THTLT and others with respect to property damage, personal injury or death in any way associated with the Volunteer Activities. I also understand that THTLT does not assume any responsibility for or obligation to provide financial assistance, including but not limited to medical, health or disability insurance, in the event of injury, illness, death or property damage.