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We the Students - Michigan's WTP SCHOOL Registration Form 2022-2023

Welcome to the 2022-2023 We the People School Year. Thank you for contributing to the development of young Constitutional and civic minds.

This form serves to:

  • register your school,
  • indicate which district and/or state event you will participate in,
  • provide a team/class roster with any accomodation information, and
  • payment for MiCivics Membership and/or class registration

Both this registration form and payment are required for full registration.  Registration opens Monday, October 10, 2022.

Please use form to register your team. If you have your class/team member information, feel free to include it at this time. If you need to wait to send the roster, that is okay. Please send Team Member information to Ellen ( by November 1 for Districts and December 1 for the State Finals and Showcase. 

If you can, please also include a team photo (optional on this form). 

Please share the volunteer form (also located on the website) with those you feel can and should judge the event! 


best email address

please enter a phone you will have access to during events.

Team Information

In this section, please indicate the number of teams and your regional choices.

Number of classes you are registering?
I am signing my school/class up for these events below. (Please check all that apply.)
Are you an alumnus of any MCCE program? (If you are, please check all the apply!)
My school will participate as a ___.
If your school is participating as a showcase team, please indicate which Units you will be presenting.
If you are participating as a Competition Team and you win the state championship, do you plan on attending the National Finals as Team Michigan? If you do not win but a wildcard is offered to compete at Nationals, do you think as of now, you would like to attend? Please check all that apply.

Team Roster

You may submit a roster in one of three ways. First, there is an open field below which you may type directly. Second, there is a file upload option. Third, you mail email directly to Ellen at ezwarensteyn (at)

You may type students names directly above Please type names alphabetically followed by grade level. Example - Mary Wollstonecraft - 12

Accessibility and Equity

Please list any accessibility needs, accommodations, technology, and/or other considerations which may help you and/or your students' accessibility for the hearings. Please indicate any ASL needs at least two weeks prior to the event.


Orientation. I understand I am encouraged to schedule a time with MCCE to review any and all questions about the event(s).
Adult Code of Conduct. I agree to the adult and volunteer code of conduct. By registering, I acknowledge full compliance with the Adult Code of Conduct for myself, coaches, and adults I bring into the event space. A full copy of the Volunteer and Adult Code can be reviewed here By registering I also agree to work with my students to represent both the school and MCCE with personal, professional, and academic integrity.
Release. I acknowledge the Michigan Center for Civic Education (MCCE) and the schools involved may use the likeness, images, video, and names of students and adults affiliated with my school’s participation. I understand the above may be used for press releases, MCCE social media, school communications, video promotions, and other related communications. Should a student, school, or volunteer choose to withdraw from this agreement, the school or participant has an affirmative obligation to submit (e)written notification to MCCE staff at least 48 hours to the start of the event who will acknowledge and (e)sign the document prior to the beginning of an event. Advance notice is important in order to share with appropriate volunteers.

(Optional) School Payment Information Information (Scroll down to submit without credit card payment)

Below is an option to pay via Credit Card.If you are not paying by credit card, please continue to submit. If you are paying by check, please use MCCE's remote (home) office for an address. That is Ellen Zwarensteyn, attn: MCCE, 7096 Summit Hill Ct SE; Caledonia, MI 49316. The business office is also acceptable. The address is MCCE; Attn: Ellen Zwarensteyn, 306 Townsend St., Lansing, MI 48933. Please expect 2-3 weeks receipt delay if sending to the office due to COVID.

Please enter the email associated with the credit card above


Thank you for championing We the People! Your involvement truly makes a difference.