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Youth Volunteer at WRIR

WRIR is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization with the Virginia Center For Public Press. WRIR trusts its youth volunteers to be responsible, self-sufficient and mature members of the WRIR community. Students can earn community service hours by volunteering at the station. It is up to the student to provide the necessary paperwork or forms needed to document his/her volunteer hours for WRIR to authorize. To be a youth volunteer at WRIR you must (1) fill out the volunteer application found at, (2) complete this form with your parents/guardian, (3) attend an orientation with WRIR station volunteers. If you have questions, you can email,

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The Virginia Center for Public Press nor WRIR are not responsible for personal injuries or property damage suffered or caused by a volunteer in connection with his or her volunteer activities. As a condition to serving as a volunteer, each volunteer is expected to maintain his or her own insurance covering these and other risks. CONSENT AND RELEASE I hereby authorize The Virginia Center For Public press and WRIR, its affiliates or those acting with its permission to use, reproduce and distribute my name, voice, likeness, photograph and/or any other representation of me in connection with printed materials or other media it distributes, displays, transmits or exhibits.