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We are witnessing cases of state sanctioned violence against Black Indigenous and People of Color in real time. Spokane is no different when it comes to irresponsible policing. For example, Black people are disproportionately arrested in Spokane: while they make up 2.5% of the population, but are arrested over 7.5 times more than people who identify as white. A white person in Spokane has a 1 in 30 chance of being arrested, but if you are Black, your chances are 1 in 5 of being arrested.

Many people are taking to the streets, but still want to do more. One way is to support Freedom Project East. Freedom Project East seeks to address these systemic impacts while also providing support to families and the community dealing with the trauma of racism and incarceration.

We are pursuing funding to address the systemic causes and impacts of incarceration by providing support that is centered in the community we serve. Our organization supports people in the greater Spokane area, as well as people released from Spokane County Jail, Airway Heights Correction Center, Washington State Penitentiary, and Coyote Ridge Corrections Center. Funding will support the hiring of people directly impacted by incarceration in the Spokane community to provide direct service support, community organizing, outreach and operations.


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