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Room, Room, Room, in the many Mansions of eternal glory for Thee and for everyone

Reserve a ticket to the free, participatory, work-in-progress showing of a new work conceived by Andy Boyd, syd island, and Philip Santos Schaffer as part of The Assembly's Deceleration Lab, a new initiative for artists to lead new theatrical projects that use and experiment with multi-perspective, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative models of creation. Thanks for joining us in the sharing and celebration of their work!

Saturday, December 17 at 7pm

University Settlement’s Speyer Hall
184 Eldridge Street, New York, NY 10002

Room, Room, Room, in the many Mansions of eternal glory for Thee and for everyone is an acoustic hyperpop folk opera about death, sex, God, gender, and the end of the world. The piece centers on the Publick Universal Friend, an American mystic who had a vision in 1776 in which they were told by two angels to preach the word of God. From the moment of their vision on, the newly reborn PUF refused to use gendered pronouns or presentation, and when asked what gender PUF was, would simply reply “I am that I am.” Room, Room, Room combines rituals from a variety of contexts, from the 18th century Quaker meetinghouse to the contemporary club, using the story of PUF to reflect on our own experiences as embodied souls in 21st century America. While problematizing the American vision of utopia, we aim to invoke a temporary genderless/genderful? utopia with our audience (even if just for a second).

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