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Hosting an Inclusive Seder: A Guide for Grandparents

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Hosting an Inclusive Seder: A Guide for Grandparents by Rabbi April Davis helps grandparents welcome a diverse group of guests — family and friends, neighbors, in-laws, even last-minute visitors — who may be of different religions, races, identities, and cultures, and with a wide-range of Jewish backgrounds. The guide features ideas to help enrich your seder, creating a comfortable, meaningful Passover experience for all. 

The 7-page guide includes:  

  • How to prepare so that everyone feels welcome (choosing a haggadah, guest seating, whether to use Hebrew) 
  • Suggested seder rituals that embrace other religions and traditions (egg, karpas) 
  • Discussion and activity ideas (“Pass the Egg”; “Signs of Spring”) 
  • Ways questions can flow from Mah Nishtanah 
  • How singing helps us be free 

Developed by the Jewish Grandparents Network in partnership with 18Doors 

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