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Marcellus Policy Fellowship Spring 2024 Application

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Issue Questions

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Issue Question 1:

Answer one of these three questions:

  • Some political figures in South Korea have weighed the prospect of developing a nuclear weapons capacity. How concerned should U.S. policymakers be about this, and what choices should they consider if South Korea does begin to pursue a bomb?
  • Hypothetical Scenario: You are National Security Advisor to the President of the United States. In recent months, there has been growing tension between Serbia and Kosovo. U.S. intelligence agencies are advising that Serbia is massing forces on Kosovo's northern border, and communications intercepts suggest that Serbia may be looking to invade and integrate Kosovo into Serbia. If Belgrade attempts to integrate Kosovo into Serbia, what if anything should the United States do in response?
  • Should the United States defend Taiwan with its own forces in the event of a Chinese invasion? Why or why not?

Issue Question 2:

  • Consider the region of the world or issue area you know best. What defense or foreign policy problems do you foresee in that field in the next 3 to 5 years? What role do you envision for U.S. policy in addressing those problems?