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Abolition, the Stones, and the East Lexington Fur Factory: the Robbins family's era

Join us for an unforgettable evening.

Why was the Ellen Stone Building constructed, and who made East Lexington into an industrial powerhouse? Meet the Robbins family, builders of the Ellen Stone Building and its historic lyceum, and learn about their dynamic relationship with abolitionism and other 19th-century reform movements. Learn about the significance of the Lyceum, and East Lexington’s first businesses, and why Ralph Waldo Emerson spoke at the Lyceum 60 times.

Led by Kathleen Dalton, historian, biographer, and  Lexington Lyceum board member. This accessible event will run for about one hour, and include travel for short distances on paved sidewalks.  

Join us after the tour for a Lemonade Social on the Follen Church porch next door (6-8 pm)!

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