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2022 Candlelight Tour Volunteer Form


52nd Annual Candlelight Tour

Friday, December 9, 2022 [Tour hours:  1PM - 4PM]

Saturday, December 10, 2022 [Tour hours:  10AM - 5PM]

Sunday, December 11, 2022 [Tour hours:  10AM - 4PM]

Contact Information

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Check all that apply

*Home Tours Volunteer Information

This is our area of greatest volunteer need!

Home Tours Head Host - Responsible for docent/tour guide corps at a specific house for a full shift or full day.

Home Tours Guide - Serves as docent/tour guide at a specific house for a full shift (3-4 hours).

Home Tours Volunteer Times (arriving 15 min. ahead of tour shift) -

  • Friday PM 12:45-4:00
  • Saturday AM 9:45-1:00
  • Saturday PM 12:45-5:00
  • Sunday AM 9:45-1:00
  • Sunday PM 12:45-4:00

Volunteered in the past and know how you can help? Have an area not listed above where you'd like to help? Leave us a note!