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Blizzard Folded Book Structure

Instructor: Karen Hardy
When: Saturday, April 17, 2021, 10 AM – 4 PM
Where: Toe River Arts Spruce Pine Owen Gallery

Stranded by a snow storm during travel, artist Hedi Kyle passed the time experimenting with paper, and invented a unique folded book structure that came to be known as the “blizzard book.” Since then, the basic pattern has been altered and expanded to create numerous additional designs, including the crown book, wheel of fortune, blizzard pockets, crown card, and blizzard boxes.

Developed by Hedi and her protégés, a key feature of all these structures is their ability to hold contents without the use of adhesive – there is flexibility built in. Each blizzard variation addresses a unique engineering goal, and thus each fills a niche in the book artist’s arsenal of structures to suit different purposes. Get “caught in a blizzard” and spend a day learning all of the structures you can create from the blizzard fold.

No previous experience required.

Workshop fee: $115,  includes pre-cut paper for all book models

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