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Pen Pals! We appreciate your service and time over the past month. Please submit the form below to report to us your volunteer hours, as well as how things are going overall. 

We are collecting this information to better understand the size and scope of our Pen Pal Program. In addition, each volunteer hour has an in-kind contribution value attribution, as per the Independent Sector; you can read more here. We will be using these numbers when formulating our organizational budget and project budget, as well as in grant applications as needed. Finally, we are also using these numbers for capacity building and long term viability of the Pen Pal Program.

Your hours can consist of the following:
- Purchasing supplies (cards, postage, paper)
- Writing a letter
- Mailing the letter
- Reading and reflecting on a letter from the incarcerated person
- Attending Pen Pal or CJT sponsored meetings
- Group Leaders: Please include administrative and oversight tasks associated with your unique role in your volunteer hours report.

If you have any questions or concerns about the information collected, or the purpose of the information, please contact CJT Executive Director Marv Baldwin at marv[at]

Contact Information


Half hour volunteered should be entered as "0.5" - and you may round up to the nearest half hour (0.5). If you did not volunteer this month, please enter "0"