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FAQ Sheet


StolenYouth’s Ginny Fund is an emergency fund that is available to survivors. Applications may only be submitted by service providers, community advocates, and law enforcement on behalf of a survivor. To request a grant, please complete our online Ginny Fund application found on

Ginny Fund grants can be requested for amounts up to $500 to help survivors with a cost, be it legal costs, housing, food, or another type of emergency. The Ginny Fund pays the vendor directly therefore, every funding request must be for one specific need. If awarded, a W9 from the vender will be required.  Direct cash awards are not permitted. The Ginny Fund prioritizes granting to survivors between the ages of 12-23. Only applications submitted through the online application will be accepted.

 Ginny Fund Application Link

The Ginny Fund has an annual cap to ensure sustainability of this funding initiative. Once funds are expended, it will be closed for the remainder of the year. Consequently, we need to all be thoughtful about the requests that are made and whether there are other options to help fulfill the survivors’ needs.

  • Is there a limit to how much can be asked for?

Requests will be considered up to $500. On rare occasions amounts over that will be considered depending on the emergency. There is no guarantee that the full amount of the request will be funded.

  • When are applications accepted?

Applications can be submitted at any time of the year until the funds are expended.

  • How long will it take between applying and hearing if it has been approved or not?

Within 30 days of receipt of the application, notice of approval/denial of grant will be emailed to the advocate on record.

  • What expectations are there for a survivor once they receive funding?

Receiving a Ginny Fund grant has no requirements. However, survivors may voluntarily choose to share how the funds supported them, submit a thank you note or email of gratitude that can be shared anonymously and is greatly appreciated. It enables our donors to understand the significance of the Ginny Fund and how it supports survivors.


We are honored to assist survivors and appreciate the work that you do to provide a safety net for vulnerable youth in Washington State.


We wish you good health and healing,


StolenYouth and the Ginny Fund Team



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