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This project is fully under the authority of The Family Connection Foundation, a licensed social foundation in Thailand. FCF and all of its projects are non profit entities under CORD Ministries International, a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in the state of Arizona, USA. All donations given on this page are freely given to the non-profit activities of CORD and its projects.

This donation has been designated for use by the project listed above, and CORD, FCF, and its projects, strive to honor donor intent. However, by USA law, all donations must be freely given to the organization for its free use. Reporting on CORD and FCF finances can be requested within a reasonable timeframe by contacting

A receipt for this donation will be issued by CORD Ministries International.

PLEASE READ: Special Information on ACH (Bank Draft) and Credit Card Giving
Please Note: Using the ACH (auto giving - bank draft) option is the most cost efficient way to donate. But, if you use a credit card, the check box below is a blessing to us as it covers the credit card company fees.

If your ACH donation is for more than $5000, please contact us first about how this should be handled.

If you want to do a recurring donation of any kind at a certain time of the month, please leave us a note below with the requested date of the month and we will adjust the donation to on-or-about that date each month. This transaction will go through NOW and the requested date will start next month.
Thanks. Cord Ministries and Family Connection Foundation.