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Select the county in which you reside.
Select the county where your case is pending or where it will be filed.
List the county in which the adverse party resides.

For example, if you are seeking a divorce the Adverse Party is your spouse.
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Your case number can be found on your ex-parte order. The case number is 9 digits formatted as 22POXXXX-X.
TPO - Not filed yet

DeKalb Pro Bono provides assitance in TPO cases after a Petition has been filed and the Court has reviewed and granted an ex-parte TPO. 

The Women's Resource Center (404-370-7670) can provide assistance with filing a TPO Petition.

You can learn more about how to file a TPO in DeKalb County at the Clerk of Court's website:

You may apply for services from DeKalb Pro Bono once you have filed your Petition and received an ex-parte order. 

TPO - Respondent

DeKalb Pro Bono does not typically represent Respondents in TPO cases. For that reason we do not process online applications for representation defending against TPO cases. 

Do not include people who are simply roommates or who are not dependents.

For example: John Doe, 54, spouse

For example: John Doe - $1,200 per month; Jane Doe - $1,800 per month