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Please list the methods, media, or materials in which you prefer to work.
Please select the dollar amount, per mentored student, you will require to complete two projects.

Please provide details regarding your projectMENTOR spring semester availability.
Examples may include: students with disabilities, LGBTQ+, students with transportation limitations, etc.

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Mentor Artist Responsibilities
  • Complete a background check with projectART
  • Coordinate work sessions with student artist and their guardians (goal = 2 completed student artworks)
  • Provide studio location, supplies, and tools (alternate studio space may be arranged if needed)
  • Be an active participant in guiding the student artist through their work sessions, sharing personal experience as a professional artist and how to take a creative idea from conception to sale
  • Turn one completed student project to projectART by May 1, 2024 (with title and description of media)
  • New this year: artists may contribute one work of art for the gallery show as well (option for sale)
  • Contribute a written statement about working with their student artists and what they gained from the experience
  • Attend the art show opening reception on May 10, 2024