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Delaware Highlands Conservancy

Application for Professional Photography Permit

Delaware Highlands Conservancy owns and manages the Van Scott Nature Reserve to protect and improve natural resources, provide a venue for educational programming, and welcome visitors to enjoy nature and to appreciate the importance of land conservation and responsible stewardship.

The Conservancy has developed a Photography Policy to protect natural resources and to ensure a safe and rewarding experience for all users. The purpose of the Photography Policy is to outline the conditions that photographers must follow in order to have access to the Van Scott Nature Reserve and other land owned by the Conservancy. This policy will apply to photographers who are commissioned to take photographs by a client for a fee. This may be portrait photography, stock photography, commercial photography, or any type of photography where a fee is exchanged for a photo service. Photographers who take photos for personal use, charging no fee to a client, are welcome to take photographs on the Reserve at no cost. All applicable rules nevertheless apply.

Professional photographers will be required to obtain a permit from the Conservancy. The permit will be valid for one (1) date. Individual permits must be obtained for each date a photographer wishes to use the Reserve. Applications for a permit must be submitted electronically. Conservancy staff will review the permit to ensure that it does not interfere with any scheduled events. Should the application be accepted, a fee of $100 will be required to be submitted before the permit will be issued. Photography is limited to still photography. Filming or the use of drones on the Reserve is prohibited except where special permission is granted.

Please submit permit applications at least 30 days prior to your desired date.

Please read the following before continuing:



No more than 15 people (not including the photographer) may attend the photography session.

(Due to limits on parking, we ask that groups encourage carpooling or limit the number of guests. The parking lot accommodates 14-16 cars total.)
By checking this box and submitting this application, I acknowledge that I have read and accepted the Reserve Rules and the Photography Policy. I acknowledge that if my application is accepted, a $100 permit fee will be due and must be received by the Conservancy prior to the approved photography session date. A permit does not entitle photographers to exclusive use of the property and the property will remain open to the public. The Conservancy reserves the right to deny permit applications due to group size, conflicts with another event, conflicts with the Reserve Rules, or at the Conservancy’s discretion.