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2024 Atlas Onboarding

Since 2002, REAP’s Farm Fresh Atlas of Wisconsin (“Farm Fresh Atlas”) has connected consumers to local growers and farmers’ markets throughout the state. Farm Fresh Atlas’ over 600 growers and food businesses pledge that they are locally-owned, committed to sustainable agriculture and provide safe and fair working conditions.

This year the Farm Fresh Atlases across the state have returned home to REAP Food Group, and will all be renewed through REAP Atlas staff. If you’re from different regions across the state, welcome! We’re excited to be your contact for all things Farm Fresh Atlas moving forward.

As we continue to expand and prepare for new things, we have slight changes in our renewal systems. The listing cost of $75 has remained the same for the Southern region, but may differ slightly from the cost of listings in other regions in previous years. Please read the following form thoroughly, and email with any questions!

Before you fill out this form, please review your listing on at to see if you have any changes that need to be communicated with us. If you are a new listee, please go to to continue your registration process.


Preferred internal contact email address

All farms, markets, and businesses in the Atlases pledge to work toward more sustainable agricultural and business practices. While our pledges are signed in good faith, the Farm Fresh Atlas network reserves the right to review and remove listings if a listeeā€™s business practices are not in accordance with the spirit of the pledge. Each business listed in the Atlas pledges that it:



We will be distributing printed copies of the new statewide Farm Fresh Atlas in the spring! Any number of Atlases between 1 - 5 will be shipped to you at no cost. To cover the cost of distribution, there will be a $10 fee attached to each bundle of 50 Atlases that you would like delivered. If you are able to pick up your Atlases from a central location in your region in the spring, you may pick up as many Atlases as you'd like at no cost. Please let us know how many copies you would like, and we will be in touch about delivery logistics and payment.
We will be sending out information on Ads separately - if you would like to purchase one, or learn more about available options, check this box to indicate your interest and we will follow up with more information. Purchasing an advertisement will cover the cost of your listing, as well as cover the cost of any amount of Atlases you'd like delivered in the spring of 2024.


Note that as we are consolidating regions, these listing prices might be different than what you are used to. Please email with any questions. FARMERS MARKETs, no matter the number of locations or days you run, please select and pay for only one listing.