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Saunter at Thoreau Farm Fall 2023 Event Registration

“My vicinity affords many good walks”; A Saunter Exploring Thoreau Farm’s Biology & History

Sunday, October 29, 2023
$25 per person. Registration required.
Limited to 16 participants.

Although Henry Thoreau spent only the first 8 months if his life living in his grandmother’s farmhouse, he would return to Virginia Road time and again throughout his life to visit the scenes of his early childhood.

Join Biologist Amity Wilczek and Historian Richard Smith for a walk around the Thoreau Farm property as they explore the biological and historical importance of the Virginia Road landscape.  How has the area changed since the pre-Colonial era? What plants and animals did Thoreau see in the 19th Century and how have invasive plants and climate change altered the world that Thoreau knew?