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YourBMP, Leader

Tree Planting.  "Your Community BMP"  Best Management Practices for conservation

What type of group do you represent? (Best fit)
Project Leader's Committments
You, as Project Leader, committ to:
  1. Sign up "Tree Recipients":  Six to twelve people in your group to purchase low cost trees
  2. Order trees:  Have your Tree Recipients pick trees from a list Cacapon Institute will provide
  3. Pick up the trees:  Organize as a group to pick up the trees, stakes, and supplies
  4. Host a training:  Work with Cacapon Institute staff to organize a tree planting training day when Tree Recipients can pick up their tree(s)
  5. Report on the tree planting:  Follow up with your Tree Recipients to take a five minute survey (their planting date, time, etc.)

More on YourBMP Application Guidelines.

Call Cacapon Institute for more information 304-258-8013.

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Has your group planted trees with Cacapon Institute before?

When did you plant with Cacapon Institute?

How will you recruit your Tree Recipients? Cacapon Institute will provide an online application for individuals in your group. Briefly describe how you will encourage registration (in person, meetings, phone calls, emails, etc.)

How will you pickup and move your groups trees? Briefly describe your capacity (e.g., pickup trucks, trailers, flatbed). This helps Cacapon Institute understand how many trees your group can handle.
What planting season (i.e., when) do you want to plant?
Where do you prefer to pick up your groups trees? (Mark all that work for your group- locations may change.)