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Buffalo String Works: Contribute


$10 - You can’t play music on an empty stomach! $10 covers 1 day of snacks for our 90 kids. 

$20 - Practice makes perfect! We give our students an instrument to take home for the year. $20 covers 1 month of instrument rental.

$50 - BSW offers a creative home for our country’s newest Americans. $50 covers 1 day of venue rental.

$100 - Wondering whether to rent or buy? You can rent a violin for a student for 1 year for $100.

$250 - We have incredible teaching artists who are 100% dedicated to our students. Underwrite a teacher's salary for 1 month.

$300 - Ready to commit? You can buy a violin for a BSW student for $300.

$500 - We strive to offer a focused, well-rounded, and, of course, FUN curriculum to our students. Sponsor a student for the year.



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