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Workparty RSVP, NEW YEARS! December 30, 2023 -January 1, 2024

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Please tell us who's coming (and ages if minors!)

Earliest arrival is SATURDAY around 5pm (It's okay if your plan changes, just please let us know!)

Workparty will end after lunch on MONDAY.

Please check ALL these boxes to confirm:

Please tell WHO in your party has WHICH dietary restrictions, and anything we need to know about how serious they are EVEN IF YOU THINK WE ALREADY KNOW.

We generally assign lodging based on what works best for the whole group. Do you have any info, preferences, or requests about lodging that we should keep in mind?

Notes about carpool requests or offers, questions, things you're bringing, or other stuff that would be helpful for us to know?
Changes? Questions?

If your plans change or you have any questions, please contact Shonie at or 509-250-1034!