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Peace & Justice Center Executive Director Application



The role of the Executive Director is to strengthen the organization’s long-term vision, create innovative strategies, facilitate teamwork, and unite diverse constituencies around shared solutions. Team leadership, fundraising, and communication are core responsibilities. The ED must have a strong understanding of economic and racial justice issues, particularly institutional racism, white privilege, classism, in addition to knowledge of issues related to peace, human rights, and globalization.

The ideal candidate will be someone who is goal oriented and people centric with a passion for social justice work. Other important characteristics include:

  • An articulate speaker, a critical thinker, a problem solver;Use these skills to strengthen the long-term vision for the organization’s work, creating innovative strategies, facilitating teamwork, and uniting diverse constituencies around shared solutions.
  • A strong understanding of social justice issues; Specifically: institutional racism, white privilege, and classism in addition to issues related to peace, human rights, fair trade, and globalization are important– preferably through both lived and learned experiences. The ED needs to understand the historical context of racial inequity and its present-day implications and have the ability to confront oppression as it appears.
  • A deep belief that racial equity and social justice are important; The ED mustbe driven to act on this belief.
  • Commitment to learning and growing; Regardless of how much or little they know the ED must make a commitment and actively seek out opportunities to deepen their understanding. The ED needs to be open and able to hear, reflect, and act on feedback that pertains to identity and equity with a mindset of continuous learning.


Peace & Justice Center is an equal opportunity employer.

PJC actively seeks a diverse pool of candidates. PJC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, marital/civil union status, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, veteran/uniformed service status, disability or other legally protected classifications. To this end, PJC practices blind screening of candidates prior to deciding who will be invited for interviews. We redact names, addresses, and graduation dates from candidate documents before our search committee reviews the pool in an intentional effort to reduce the effects of unconscious bias in hiring.

The Executive Director reports to the Board and is a Full-Time, exempt position. Projected annual salary range is $50,000- $60,000, commensurate with experience, generous combined time off benefit, PJC does not currently offer a health plan.

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