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Volunteers with bladder/bowel management and/or transfer experience will be prioritized.

Please read:

  1. The online application cannot be saved as a “Draft”. If you need to step away before completing and submitting the application, keep your browser tab open so you can return and complete at a later time. The application should take approx. 5 minutes to complete.

  2. In order to submit this application, you must:

    • complete all required fields indicated by a red asterisk. If you click on Submit and the screen appears to be stuck, please scroll to the top of your screen and complete the required information as indicated.

    • review and acknowledge the CWAR waivers and Volunteer Code of Conduct. Once you submit your application, you will also need to fill out a WHR waiver in order to attend Camp with a Ramp.




We request that our volunteers attend the entire camp Thursday - Sunday. Please acknowledge your commitment to this request.
(We will do our best to accommodate your request.)




Volunteer Code of Conduct

The following list includes required and prohibited behavior for volunteers involved with the Camp With A Ramp event:

Required Behaviors

  1. Maintain an attitude of respect, trustworthiness, caring, professionalism, and fairness at all times.
  2. Promote participant self-determination at all times.
  3. Consistently demonstrate a positive and welcoming attitude at all times.
  4. Perform duties as assigned to a satisfactory level with the well-being and safety of the participant as the highest priority.
  5. Be available to help when needed, outside of scheduled “duty”.
  6. Demonstrate effective communication with participants, family, caregivers, staff, and volunteers.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of all personal or privileged information and communication.

Prohibited Behaviors

  1. Participation in any activities or behaviors that are or may be considered mental, physical, verbal or sexual abuse.
  2. Using profanity, telling inappropriate jokes, making inappropriate remarks, sharing intimate details of one’s personal life, or using any kind of sexual harassment or sexual references in the presence of participants, caregivers, or family members.
  3. Failure to protect the privacy and dignity of participants while providing personal care.
  4. Failure to provide safe and effective care as directed by the participant.
  5. Consumption of recreational marijuana, alcohol, or illegal drugs.

Dismissal of a Volunteer
Volunteers who do not adhere to the Code of Conduct or who fail to satisfactorily perform their volunteer assignment are subject to dismissal by the supervisory staff.

No volunteer will be terminated until the volunteer has had an opportunity to discuss the alleged infraction(s) with supervisory staff. Possible grounds for dismissal include, but are not limited to: gross misconduct or insubordination; theft of property or misuse of retreat materials; abuse or mistreatment of participants, staff or other volunteers; failure to abide by code of conduct; and failure to satisfactorily perform assigned duties.