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2023 Fall Harvest Box Registration

Our Fall Harvest Box program merges a traditional CSA model with active participation in our major harvests and food security efforts. Participants in the program help craft boxed shares of our delicious fall storage crops for themselves and give one to community members facing food insecurity.

Our Fall Harvest Box program includes four total boxed shares...
Three for YOU, and one to GIVE.
From October until the start of November you'll receive three (3) boxed shares of farm fresh seasonal produce such as winter squash, carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables, and have the option to join us in our carrot, squash or other fall crop harvests and processing events. (Each box will feed 2-4 people for 1-2 weeks.)

Participants are also encouraged to join our farm crew as we package the (fourth) "Thanks-GIVING" shares to be distributed mid-November that help support our Food Sovereignty efforts to organizations such as Franklin Community Center, LifeWorks Action and other regional food pantries.


Timeframe: Boxed shares available on October 4, October 18, and November 1. Thanksgiving shares for select local food pantries will be available starting November 15.  


Cost: $140

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Payment Information

*If a single payment installment is not feasible, please reach out to us at, to arrange an alternate payment schedule.

Feed-A-Friend Fund

Your Fall Harvest Box fee and your volunteer support will help us to provide Fall Harvest Boxes to local food pantries, like those featured below. If you would like to make an additional contribution to these food security efforts, please do so. Our community appreciates your generosity!

Franklin Community Center, who has been a pillar of support for the Saratoga Springs community, offering a variety of services to help those in need, including a food pantry, clothing and household goods distribution center, after-school programs, and more.   

LifeWorks Community Action, who seeks to empower neighbors to build secure futures filled with opportunity. LifeWorks takes a unique whole-person and whole-family approach to service coordination. They have a strong network of programs available to help neighbors overcome the wide range of challenges they may face including hunger, utility costs, child care, and language barriers.