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Unbreakable Solidarity is an online course that focuses on how we build collective power on the bedrock of interdependence and use this power to get free

For more information about the series, click here. If you're ready to register, please follow the prompts and fill out the appropriate fields below.

Registration is open through April 29. We will hold late registration from May 1st-8th.

  • Session Dates: April 30, May 7, May 21, June 4
  • Each session: 4-6:30pm ET (1-3:30pm PT)
  • Recordings will be posted 2-3 days after the corresponding live session
  • Sliding scale registration fee: $80-$330
  • *No one is turned away for lack of funds.*
  • All sessions will be recorded. Live attendance is not mandatory. Materials from the course will remain accessible through Sep 5, 2023 (three months after final live session). 
  • Zoom video conferencing platform (w phone call in option)
  • Please allow time for 2-3 hours of homework per session.
  • Questions:
  • This course is actively supported by White Awake Advisory Council Members of Color Betty Burkes, Bonnie Duran, and Katrina Messenger.
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We encourage you to participate in the series with a friend or as part of a group, if at all possible. Participating with others enriches the experience, and grounds your process in local community and/or relationships you already have. Please note that, even when participating as part of a group, each person needs to register independently for the series.

Payment Options

We hope you will pay the full fee if you are able to ($80-$330, at your discretion). If you can pay full price and make an extra donation to White Awake, great! These donations help White Awake fulfill its mission and goalsIf you would like to make a sustaining, monthly donation to White Awake, you can do that here.

If you cannot pay the full fee, no worries! No one is turned away for lack of funds.

Use the box to write in whatever amount you are able to pay. If you need a full scholarship, simply enter "0" into the custom field.

Regardless of what you pay, please help us cover our credit card processing fees by clicking the "Add 3%" box at the bottom of this form! Thank you. :)


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Planning to Join Live or Only Using Recordings?

White Awake is able to work with a large number of participants live, however, popular courses sometimes exceed our capacity for live session attendance. If you plan to join even just one session live, please check the "Joining Live" box below. If you plan to ONLY use recordings, please check the box that says "Only Using Recordings". If or when we reach capacity for live participation, we will remove the joining live option. The number of people who can participate in our courses via recordings is unlimited. Thanks for your help! 

Please Note: Whether you are joining live or using recordings, all registrants will have the opportunity to join the White Awake Mighty Networks group for this course, where you can engage in virtual discussion and share resources and experiences with one another. 

Zoom Login (for live session participation)

Completing and submitting this form registers you for the series, however in order to attend live meetings you will need to apply for a personal login to the Zoom video meeting we'll use for the course. We apologize for the extra step, but doing this ensures that we have access to online break out rooms (for intimate, small group discussion) and a secure container for our online meetings (by ensuring that only registered participants can join the meeting).

You will receive instructions for how to apply for your personal login to the Zoom meeting for this caucus in your confirmation email for the series.

Ground Rules

Before applying for a personal login, we ask that you read and agree to our ground rules for live session participation. These ground rules are designed to nurture a supportive, constructive learning environment for everyone who attends.

As explained in the ground rules, White Awake is an organization that focuses on educational materials specifically designed for white people. Because of this we often offer caucus courses, and most of our audience members are white. Unbreakable Solidarity, however, is NOT being held as a caucus. All are invited to attend. If you have additional questions not answered in our "Participant Agreements & Ground Rules" document, please reach out:

Read our ground rules for live session participation here.


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